“We live not according to reason, but according to fashion”

Thursday, October 30

Blast from the past

So hey, this is still here. I don't really have any excuse for not posting for a year +, except for shit happens.

Either way I would like to make it my goal to try a come back. We'll see what comes of that. For the mean time, I look forward to seeing what has been going on with your blogs my friends, and hope that you haven't forsaken them to the extent that I have.

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Wednesday, April 10

Statement Sneakers

Top: H&M
Shirt: New Look
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Vans via eBay
Sweater: Christmas present from Mum.

Another simple outfit worn for work. I'm not a huge fan of denim on denim but just like last outfit post, I do find myself wearing things that I usually wouldn't more and more recently. I have to say though, I don't usually count black skinny jeans as denim because it's basically the staple of my wardrobe which I can wear with anything, especially for work.

My sweater also has a really cool open pattern detail to the back, only because I wore black under as well I couldn't get it on camera very well. I do love this sweater loads though so I'm sure you'll be seeing it again in all its wonder. And, the only really interesting part of my outfit: my Vans. Along with the leather wingtips that I wear in this post, these are vans that I saw and immediately had to have, so I searched and searched until I found them in my size on eBay and snagged them. I think they look best with a simple outfit, because I often have a hard time finding something perfect to wear with them. But they are so cool. Even though I've only worn them a handful of times, I definitely don't (and won't) regret buying them! I love having unusual shoes of a well known and common brand, like my pink purple and blue Adidas which are another part of my staple wardrobe for everyday use.

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Friday, April 5

It feels like Spring


Okay so, even though spring isn't really here yet (although no sign of snow today and even a peep of sun now and again, thank god!) I am still in the mood for it. Visualised by this collage I made because I literally have nothing better to do. I have to say I haven't really gotten a good feeling for spring yet what with the crappy weather, so I couldn't say what kindof of colours I expect to love this spring/summer. But purple and yellow are as always great favourites.

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Thursday, April 4

Post Punk

Top: Vintage
Shirt: New Look
Jeans: Primark
Wedges: Nelly.com
Coat: Vintage via my mum.

I've never really been one for vintage wear. To be completely honest I often find it ill fitting and sometimes just really ugly. That being said, there have been vintage things I've seen that I have loved, and also vintage style new clothing that I have wanted and/or bought. Having two vintage items on in one outfit would not be something I imagine would happen often with me but here you go, I love this outfit, mostly because I love this coat. It's officially my mums, and often when I wear it she says she should never have given it to me. But tough titties mum!

Other than that this is (and yes I will say it again) another pretty boring outfit that was more for function than anything else. It's still really cold here, and it was snowing again today. Yay fucking April! As I get older I do realise everyday that my outfits depend more than ever on the weather. When I was a teenager I looking fabulous was always more important than being cold. Nowadays I’d rather wear twenty layers than look good in a skirt and freeze to death. Either way, I hope it’ll start getting warmer in Holland soon. Cause snow in April is really not my idea of spring!

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Thursday, March 28

Upon Us All A Little Rain Must Fall

Top: Stolen (and customized) from boyfriend
Shirt: Stolen from boyfriend via H&M
Jeans: wholesale-dress.net
Shoes: Nelly.com

We're getting pretty far with decorating our new appartment, and it's taking up alot of my time and energy. Hence the need for comfy and simple outfits. Either way I'm pretty happy with these photos. Unfortunately we just hung a shitload of DVDs on this wall which means I really will have to find something else, or start taking them outside again. I think unless I want to be blown away that might take a while yet. It actually snowed again today, can't believe it's almost April. I actually was really tempted to buy a funky pair of harem style pants today but I couldn't bring myself to spend what little money I currently have on something I can't even go outside in yet. Ofcourse it was probably the right idea either way cause I really want to get those Pony high tops.

Right, well I better get back to painting. Housewarming party tomorrow!

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Wednesday, March 27

Help I'm Alive!

Pants: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Top: New Look
Heels: Steve Madden

Well I swapped my sweater and sneakers for my favourite blazer and Steve Madden heels to transition between work and drinks with a friend today. I love these trousers that I picked up in the sale at H&M for only €7. The rest of the outfit is also all budget as everything came from the sale. Just how I like it! Also love the chevron pattern as it gives me the illusion of boobs. Which is something I could always use!

Anyway just a short post for today I really have to get back to decorating the house. Soon I won't have any plain white walls to take photos in front of and will have to start being creative and find somewhere else!

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