“We live not according to reason, but according to fashion”

Thursday, November 13

Don't Teal Anyone

Cardigan - Unbranded
Dress - H&M
Scarf - H&M
Knee Socks - New Yorker
Wedge Sneakers - Primark


So again I have to apologise for my weird expressions. Apparently I am allergic to looking like a normal person on camera. I have to say, this outfit was somewhat warmer than necessary for today which was a welcome surprise. Thankfully I was able to just shove on a leather jacket and bike to work as is instead of adding six more layers which tends to ruin the overall look a little.

Nothing special about this outfit really. I used to hate this little dress (which I bought in purple too, God knows why) but I guess I have warmed to it over the last few months because this has to be the first month ever I've worn it more than once and for sure before that I hadn't worn it in atleast a year. All of a sudden I find myself looking for another swing dress, which I promptly found by the by, also black but with long sleeves. So stoked for that to arrive. Also worth mentioning is this super sweet necklace I got from New Yorker a while back, not sure you can really tell in the photos but it has that flashy oilslick effect to it which makes it tones of brown and purple on one side and blue and green on the other. Really love it for a simple way to accessorize a not very colour-challenged outfit.
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Wednesday, November 12



Well, alot of shoes as per usual. I cant help loving the fact that I could wear a different pair of shoes everyday for about half a year. Even if its not good for my relationship or my closet space. I recently decided that I shouldnt be buying more shoes unless I sell or get rid of other ones. Its working out pretty well I have to say, sold three pairs and so far only bought one and still have money to spend. Another thing I'm working on is wearing more of my shoes. If you want to check out my instagram you can click on the photos or here. But be warned, if you don't like cats, you probably won't appreciate it much.

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Tuesday, November 11

Coat - New Yorker
Top - Estradeur via Nelly
Shorts - Topshop via eBay
Shoes - Bought on Marktplaats
Hat - H&M
Scarf - New Yorker

So all these photos are kindof samey but they were taken in a rush on my way to work. I guess I will start with this simultaneously ridiculous and amazing hat I nabbed at H&M for €3, what a find. I love hats but I don't just want to wear a black slouchy beanie everyday (however comfortable it is) so really treasure the exceptional ones I find, and this one is the new love of my life.

Other than that, I got this top new from Nelly and it came in last week, it was actually just to beef up my order once I had found the coolest top ever which I absolutely needed to have. Cue nerdiest fashion ever....

But yeah I was actually pleasantly surprised it was called "Loose Tank Top" and that it is, but I really expected it to just be a nice basic tank, but in reality it is a seriously well fitting and good quality top that I could absolutely base a whole outfit around. You cant see much of it in the photos but it has really low arm holes and widens out a bit at the hem which gives it a really nice fit.

These boots are a new find as well. I just got them in last week in preparation for all the rain still to come in Holland this winter but I couldn't wait for that to wear them and have had them on a few dry days already. Usually I would turn my nose up at Wellies, and well I suppose these arent really Wellies at all, but close enough to compare, but these really caught my eye and I had to have them!!

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Sunday, November 9

Review | Xbox One Sunset Overdrive

This weekend I got a chance to play some Sunset Overdrive Which is a Xbox One exclusive game that was released last week on October 28th. It's an explosive, outrageous and ridiculous game in which the basic premiss is that energy drinking douchebags had one too many heart palpitating endocrine system boosting energy drinks and turned into mucus bursting zombies who want to kill the crap out of you. Sounds fun right? It is!

Games such as Prototype (one of my personal favourites) and Uncharted are comparable where gameplay is concerned but the style is closer to the likes of Borderlands or Deadpool. Long story short, oodles of fun, zombies and unchecked craziness with a healthy dose of wtf. If you've got the new generation of Xbox or plan to get one in the future this is definitely recommended, as long as you don't take yourself too seriously.

If you're based in The Netherlands and interested in scoring a good deal check out budgetgaming.nl for the best prices.

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Wednesday, November 5

Miista Eyed


From Left to Right Jodi £176 | Yolanda £219 | Cecillia £Sold Out | Francesca £184

Anyone who ever read my blog before knows for sure that I am in love with the London brand Miista, and oh man they have not disappointed me with their new collection. Above are a few of my favourites but really, if I won the lottery the first thing I would do is buy every Miista in arms reach in my size. My favourite are by far the first pair of boots "Jodi". The almost airplane seatbelt like buckles are seriously to die for and the simplicity of bad assedness is unbelievable.

Seriously so perfect. I'm thinking it's about time to add another pair to my fabulous collection of 7 beautiful pairs of Miistas.

Tuesday, November 4

Velvet Maiden

Jacket: Wholesaledress
Cardigan: Matalan (stolen from my boyfriend)
Top: H&M
Skirt: Was a gift
Brogues: Dune at De Bijenkorf
Hat: Inti at De Bijenkorf
Backpack: Thrifted

So first of all, please excuse my weird expression, dont really have any explanation for that. Second of all: This hat. You can find a look-a-like here and I swear to you, you will never have a warmer head. I got mine in the sale last winter and it got me through the coldest days with no problem. It is truly a miracle creation.

Aside from that not all that much special about this outfit but you probably will be seeing this kick ass Iron Maiden shirt again, because I love it. I might even be able to get away with wearing it as a dress so, versatility at its most badass.